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I have a 21month old who was diagnosed with FPIES after he first few tastes of farex at 4-6 months (Fpies to rice). Although we have had a very tough road we are managing his fpies now. My question for anyone is this....I am due to have my second baby boy 25.02.2017. Has anyone had a sibling who has also had fpies? I am terrified of going through the ambulance rides, hospital stays, drip IV fluids etc all over again, but want to prepare myself if there is a chance. I will not know of course until the time we challenge my new wee one...but the more prepared with any support the better. We have no allergies or anything like this in our family already, so it does not seem to have been hereditary for my 21 month old. Appreciate any support or feedback from others who may have had this situation. And how did you manage it with your 2nd baby? Just go ahead with the challenge? Thanks!!!

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I hate to reply to this in the affirmative but our second baby had the exact same FPIES trigger as our daughter (born 23 months later and we also have no history of allergies or food allergies in either of our families). Our pediatrician sort of brushed it aside as a freak coincidence because FPIES is already so uncommon and there isn't conclusive research about siblings, but my gut knew something was off in our little one by his diapers the second I started eating our daughter's trigger food  and was nursing (oats). We saw our allergist at 4 months about some diaper/stool issues and he brushed it off. I went against my gut and gave our little one oats when he started solids at 6 mos. We ended up with one ER visit and a diagnosis and then started aggressively managing his food. I felt so guilty about ignoring my gut so I had to respond to this. We are lucky and I was able to nurse and get a sense of some triggers that way (heavily introducing common trigger foods to my diet and checking diapers for mucus) but basically we were counseled to stick to the early foods we gave our daughter and we avoided all the major triggers for a long time. He is 13 months and has many safe foods but we haven't tried more than three of the major FPIES foods.

I wish you the best of luck and if anything I hope you don't ignore your instincts if you sense something is off! I am kicking myself that I didn't trust myself to know my baby a second time around with the same issue. In hindsight, I wish I had avoided her trigger. We are lucky and have only one for each kid but with nursing we were able to seriously restrict the kiddos diets for the first year - allergist said nutritionally if they only had breastmilk 'til one they would still be fine as long as weight gain was good so we backed way off of solids until 9 months for baby 2 after his reaction. I'm happy to connect via email if you want to chat more/need more support! Congrats on number two!


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