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Here you will find other FPIES families who offer a community of support, as well as a wealth of FPIES knowledge.  Each child's situation is unique, so treatment plans must be individualized. Get started by reviewing and compiling information, then plan to meet with your doctor and/or medical team. We are a group of parents, just like you, so cannot give a diagnosis, nor dispense medical advice, but hope to be a valuable resource none the less! 
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Adults with FPIES symptoms and/or diagnosis can exchange information here! 

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A place to connect families with children beyond Infancy and Toddlers, who either are still affected by FPIES or are just beginning this journey. 

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Where are you from?  Make local connections by listing your Country/State/Region here! 

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**The FPIES Foundation does not provide medical advise, diagnosis, or treatment. ******THIS INFORMATION HAS NOT BEEN REVIEWED BY THE FPIES FOUNDATION'S MEDICAL ADVISORY BOARD.********* Terms of Use: