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Reply to "20 month old new diagnosis"


Our first Marcus is also four and only had about 12 foods.  We recently went to our Boston Children's check in and the docs thought he should be further along than he was as far as food tolerances and should no longer be complaining of the degree of belly pain and should no longer have bloody stools.  The team thought that we were probably still exposing Marcus to a minor trigger.

Sure enough, we cycled through his safes and found when we eliminated eggs, the blood and pain disappeared with it.  Since the egg elimination we were quickly able to bring on tapioca flour and peanuts and are currently trialing banana. 

I know every child is different and that it is very hard to peel back on an already limited diet.  That said it might be worth cycling through your safes and seeing if that helps the process along.  

Murphy- I bet ya gold may actually be cheaper!!!  lol  We have yet to switch over to the splash because my kiddos are still "okay" w/ unflavored (how IDK).  At what point did you transition?


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