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Hi all. 

New mom here as my 6.5 month old just got officially diagnosed with FPIES after 2 trips to the ER in 10 days. As I'm sure most are in the beginning, I'm feeling very overwhelmed on how to navigate through this new 'norm' for our family.  Bananas and oats were involved in both attacks so we're being told to avoid bananas, all grains (including oats, barely etc), rice, avocados as well as eggs and peanuts (tested positive for both of these on a skin test).  I know each kiddo is different with FPIES, but looking for advice on any suggestions on which foods to try next, favorite snacks/pouches, etc.  If there would be anyone that would be willing to connect via phone, I would love to hear your story and how you processed the diagnosis and moved forward. 

Thanks, Courtney.

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Does your child have any safe foods? Don’t feel the need to go too fast make sure you have baseline for your child. 

Both my boys have FPIES and neither got a safe other than breast milk until 18 months and both gained weight and grew normally. Yes FPIES kids can have failure to thrive but typically those kids had ongoing chronic symptoms and never were at baseline.

Personally we had to give up on the idea of almost all packaged foods but there are limited ingredient foods that food. Watch for hidden ingredients like fortified or enriched cereals.

Good luck. This is hard but you can do it.

Hmmm . . . thinking back to 7 months old- when we were first diagnosed.  My son first reacted very badly to rice, sweet potatoes, and squash.   Banana and all grains weren't far behind . . .  So, I would avoid those foods . . .

All FPIES have different safe foods- no child is the same.  So, what worked for us, might not work for you . . . So, tread carefully.  My son existed mainly off of breastmilk at that age, but we did manage some Gerber 2 baby food at that age (pear, carrot went well).  He couldn't really digest much real food until age 1.   Avocado worked for him as well.

When he got older (7 months seems a bit young), I taught him how to eat harder food using Gerber yogurt bites (somehow worked for my son for awhile even though dairy is a common trigger for FPIES ??? strange) and Quinoa Queen cheerios.  

My son also reacts some to packaging- He cannot have canned food of any kind or frozen french fries (I make them from scratch).

Hope that gives you some ideas.

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