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Hi all! My 6-month-old son Gus was recently diagnosed as FPIES to rice, as well as having a positive IgE reaction to eggs. We are in the process of trialing foods. I was wondering if anyone could help us come up with a food plan of action. His safe foods are below:


sweet potatoes






Squash - in the process of testing.

He loves to eat and we would like to make sure he continues to grow and get all the nutrients he needs. Any help would be great!

Edit: He is on 32-40 oz a day of Enfamil formula. I had to stop BF a month ago. 

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Hi Jennifer, My 7 mo daughter was just diagnosed with fpies. We and our Dr's had a suspicion at 5 months. We just started her on Apples this week and then going to Bananas. We are going to try the foods that are not listed as been common triggers and then going from there. We have only had a official diagnoses for 6 days now so we are just building our food plan. I am looking forward to what others say they are doing so we have a better understanding. 


Good luck with food trialing!  My 3-year-old son has FPIES (no luck with growing out of it yet- we just failed a retrial).  He also ate a ton of avocado when he was younger (it is still a safe food for us).

Squash is a common trigger- but since your son already passed sweet potatoes and peas (also common triggers)- he may be fine.  Not listed on every site- but bananas are also a common trigger according to our dietician (I found that out after my son had a severe reaction).  But, every kiddo with FPIES is different . . . you have to trial . . .

With rice being a trigger, I suggest treading very carefully with the other grains.  Quinoa is often a safe food for kiddos with FPIES to grains.  My son likes the Quinoa Queen cheerios (available online).  This site also has good quinoa recipes: http://cradlerockingmama.com/recipes/  My son likes the quinoa drops on that site.

I would watch out for "soft" symptoms (like diaherra) as well as severe.  It is quite the myth that every food a FPIES kiddo reacts to is automatically vomit to shock.  (Not that that isn't real- we had that severe reaction as well.)

Even though we have our challenges, our son has always been at a healthy weight and has had good growth.  Hope this information helps!



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