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Last night, we had my nephew's second birthday party.  At first I was thinking, oh great, where am I going to take Brynn while everyone is eating cake/ice cream?  Then it came to me, OMG, she can have HER ice cream!  So I packed a cooler and off we went.  The look on her face was absolutely PRICELESS when we sat her at the table with all the other kids and she ate ice cream just like they did!!!  I got teary-eyed and just couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  =) It was truly just an amazing moment. 

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Okay, so I went to get the list of ingredients for smarties and am now even more IN LOVE with them. I'll post the link too, but here is just SOME of the info from their allergen page:


Smarties® and our entire line of products are free from most of the known allergens except Bubble Gum Smarties® which contain soy lecithin. All products are free of milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts and wheat. Smarties® products are safe to eat for kids with peanut allergies.

We sell our products to different "re-baggers" as well as various retail outlets. A re-bagger buys products from many different companies and puts them in their own packaging. Only these re-baggers can verify whether their manufacturing plants are free of nuts, soy, or other known allergens. If the UPC number on the packaging begins with "0 11206", you can be assured that the product was packaged in one of our manufacturing facilities, and the allergen information on this page applies to that product.


Ingredients: Dextrose, Citric Acid, Calcium Stearate, Artificial Flavors, Colors (Red 40 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake, Yellow 6 Lake, Blue 2 Lake).


The ingredient list on the campfire marshmallows list is (Couldn't find a list on the Kraft site):

Regular White Ingredients
Corn Syrup, Sugar, Dextrose, Modified Food Starch (Corn), Water, Gelatin, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate.


So I think these could be safe for G? I'll have to look a few of these things up for sure.


No worries about soy because of this statement: Smarties® and our entire line of products are free from most of the known allergens except Bubble Gum Smarties® which contain soy lecithin.


When I researched these initially, I assumed this meant none of their products, except the gum, contain soy. And I'm guessing I was right because G does eat these and has had no reactions!

Another celebration story to share here! Last week we went to an event at our church which ended in a big ice cream party for the children. My LO reacts to dairy so rather than avoid the event or feel sorry for ourselves we brought our own non-dairy ice cream from home in a cooler. For the first time, my daughter had scoops of vanilla "ice cream" right alongside everyone else and she could even put a number of the sprinkles on top. Bless her heart but a lady at our church did not know that I would bring anything and she actually went out and bought fruit juice popsicles just for my daughter as a non-dairy alternative. Then this same lady warned me that the ring pop candies had milk in them and she was removing them from the candy jar so there was no chance that my daughter could eat them. God bless her!


On another day this week, we had the opportunity to attend a tea party and of course that sounded fun so we went to it too. We happily looked forward to it by planning to bring all of our own food. We went out shopping and found a few safe treats to bring. Then I baked non-dairy scones and made little heart shaped sandwiches.  Of the 50 plus cookies and sandwiches there, the only thing my daughter could safely eat was some grapes and tea. However, by planning ahead my little one was able to dress up in her fanciest dress and enjoy high tea. We had a great time!


I hope that everyone can find a way to go out and enjoy events which just happen to involve foods that your child cannot eat. Here is a great tip I just learned. Make a batch of safe treats for your child (cupcakes, cookies, whatever) and then place half of them in the freezer. Today we were able to attend a birthday party and I grabbed a safe cupcake out of the freezer before we breezed out of the door. I had to let it defrost for a while before we left but what a relief to have it just sitting there waiting ready to go.


In a few weeks we are invited to another birthday and the mom is already worrying that everything she is going to serve contains milk. I told her, don't worry, we have a plan--non-dairy ice cream and cupcakes in the freezer. We can't wait to play with our friends and enjoy life.  

That's hilarious, Jamie!  I had to have a talk with my husband about not eating Matthew's CheeCha puffs when they came in the mail - he loves to snack on our daughter's puffs  With the CheeCha puffs being so hard to get, I had to put my foot down and stop the snacking...when he feeds Matthew my husband has to clip the CheeCha puff bag closed every time he gets one for Matthew, or he finds himself absentmindedly grabbing one and throwing it in his own mouth!

New Survey Reveals the Emotional Impact of Food Allergies on Children


FAAN just published this survey about two weeks ago and it seems to relate to these posts. Below is a pertinent excerpt but to see the entire survey, see


The survey also explored participation in everyday life events — activities that most of the general population takes for granted. For parents of children with food allergies, common events such as eating out at a restaurant, attending a birthday party, or sleeping over at a friends’ house can be concerning. According to the parents surveyed, they choose not to have their children participate in many of these everyday life events.

  • 71% of parents said their child had not eaten at a restaurant with friends or family due to concerns about food allergies
  • 45% of parents said their child had not visited the homes of certain friends due to concerns about possible exposure to allergens
  • 42% of parents said their child had not attended an overnight event, such as a sleepover or camp, due to concerns about a food allergy
  • 41% of parents said their child had not attended a social event by choice, such as another child’s birthday party or a play date, due to concerns about a food allergy

Yup, Brynn has only been to a restaurant 1 time....and it was in the airport on our way to NJ to see Dr J, and our flight was delayed. 


We steer clear of some people's houses because we KNOW there are way too many crumbs!!


We have skipped a couple parties (not immediate family though). We try not to, but sometimes it's just easier and not so sad.  And sometimes I JUST DON'T WANT TO EXPLAIN WHY SHE CAN'T EAT THE FOOD PROVIDED. 

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