It was essentially a year ago we were told our son Marcus either had eoe or fpies. Our care was then transferred up to Boston Children's Hospital and they confirmed fpies. The diagnosis was something that gave us a little bit of hope because at that moment our little guy could only eat 4 foods without vomiting. He had had multiple foods on board before that but his body just kept rejecting and associating with other foods. Since then it has been sort of an emotional rollercoaster. We are up to eight foods that are now acceptable and main staples in his diet. Coconut was a godsend food and with it came the ability to give him many different options and ways to prepare Foods.

Emotionally this has been a crazy struggle for my wife and I. There have been tears, small victories, stress and more tears... but we seem to be managing. We were at a big time low at the turn of this new year and that's when I found the fpies foundation. Through advice and listening to stories we have come up with a few different things to try with Marcus and given us hope again. As my subject line indicates... a reason to smile.

I was looking for ways to give back to the fpies foundation. Money on our end is a little tight. I took the year off to be sure that Marcus was not being exposed to foods that he shouldn't be from a nanny or from daycare. That's when I remembered about Amazon smile. They give a small percentage of every purchase that you make to a charity of your choice. I poked around online and sure enough the fpies foundation is a charity that AmazonSmile will give to. I quickly selected them as my designated charity.

I know it's only .5% of every purchase that we make but if everyone who is on this site does the same thing I know that it will be better  then nothing.  I also know that my family uses Amazon ALOT and it is my assumption that other fpies families do too. It is very difficult to bring my son into a lot of stores. Especially grocery stores. And Amazon just makes things a little bit easier to find rare things like coconut milk that is 100% coconut milk and does not contain any additives.

In short I would prompt everyone to make the fpies foundation their designated charity. You just need to go to instead of the normal  If you are like me and you do the majority of your purchases on your phone, there is no specific app for apps for AmazonSmile. However if you use your browser to go to you can set up that link to become a button on the home page of your phone. 

I will also be prompting my friends and family to do the same if they are so willing. Hopefully together we can make a dent and help a foundation that I know is helping our families.


The LaBossiere Family

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Thank you so very much for sharing this post LaBossiere family!! This means more than words can sufficiently express.  This is such a thoughtful gesture, and so meaningful. 

Also, to note, Amazon Smiles is a great ongoing fundraiser for the Foundation! Thank you for suggesting it to others. 

Warm Regards, 
Joy Meyer
The FPIES Foundation 

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