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I know this is a scary topic, I don't mean to be bringing up scary things.  However, as I'm learning more (via recent labs taken before/during reactions due to Sam having a PICC line) as well as seeing his body go through full septic shock from bacteria in the PICC line;  I am wondering if the septic-like shock our kids experience (to varying degrees of severity) actually happens BEFORE the vomit??  It is worsened (to shock) from the vomiting, for some (many?) kids.


Like I said, hard discussion but how many of your kids had shock symptoms before the vomit?  Lethargy, heart racing, skin mottling, temperature changes,cyanosis (blue hands/feet/lips) are what we see.    After watching Sam go through a full septic shock episode and have all these same symptoms- except very worse (for him, than his FPIES reactions).  It became more clear what I see for his build reactions is components of shock stages.  

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I am very sorry to hear that you have been having to watch your little Sam go through all of this. How scary!

We have seen color changes, rapid breathing, and clamminess but not necessarily related to reactions to foods. I am trying to make some sense of it all.

I hope Sam is feeling better very soon, and that you get some much needed answers from all of this.

You know, I think I worded some of this wrong (sorry- my brain isn't on full function mode from a week at the hospital); but the symptoms I am referring to are from the sepsis- the sepsis then causes the shock when it becomes overwhelming to the body; and then from there - there are degrees of shock. 


The medical journal articles refer in places to it as sepsis-like shock in that it acts the same way it would such as we saw it for Sam last week-- from an infection.    FPIES is the body treating a food protein as an infection/invader. So, I wonder if the sepsis begins before the vomit, and the vomit pushes the body into the stages of shock.    I know I have heard of some moms speak of the lethargy, clamminess, etc before and sometimes even without any vomit.  We have also seen this.  


I suppose it is simply just how every child responds to the invader, how well it copes or fights it.   I often wonder if the shock reactions are the body being more efficient or less?   Seems logical that it is more efficient, it recognizes the invader and gets it out!


Sam is doing quite well actually, everyone is surprised at how quickly he recuperated from such a serious episode. 

Carter and Sam have very similar reaction patterns. We see many early signs of shock way before vomitting starts. Sometimes there is no vomit at all. One of the last big reactions we had was to insect repellent placed on his skin.  It wasn't that he ingested.
We always start with lose of color in his face and lips. Then we get cold sweats, clammy, rapid breathing, elevated heart rate and lethargy.  These come in different order and sometimes we don't get them all but it makes sense that we are seeing early signs of shock way before we ever see vomit or bad diapers.
Great thoughts and just more to think about.

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