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Hi Fpies families!

I was curious as to whether any of you notice any behavior patterns when your child is reacting to something.  When we first introduced dairy again, my son was off the wall and showed some strange obsessive behaviors.  For instance, he insisted on going up and down the stairs for hours, turning the lights on and off and wanting to us to use the vacuum.  Some nights he would seem like he was ready to fall asleep around 6 or 7 and would insist on these things over and over again as late as midnight.  When we thought he was reacting to the dairy, we pulled it and at 21 months, he slept through the night in his own bed for the first time in his life, for a week straight.  We had started with early intervention at this time as we weren't sure as to what these behavorial issues were.  Taking out dairy seemed to do the trick.


Now at 28 months, we had re-introduced dairy and thought it was safe for us.  However, his behavior is terrible again!  He won't listen, temper tantrums are horrendous, especially when trying to change clothes or diaper.  I know this is typical behavior for a 2 year old, but am convinced that the dairy is playing a major role in this.  He is very fussy, not easy to please and just seems pissed off. (as would I be if I felt like crap all day).  He definetly acts like a typical 2 year old, but I am seeing that he is definetly worse when he has dairy.


He has had some dairy in the past few days and started vomiting tonight.  He has been very fussy, discontent and clingy as he always has been when reacting to something.  We are pulling all dairy for quite a while now.


Have any of you noticed any behavior patterns with FPIES reactions?? Thanks for any insight

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Hi! My son is 18 months old and fpies/protein intolerant to lots and lots of foods.  We have noticed some behavioral changes but nothing quite as drastic as that.  We will have major sleep disruptions and very very cranky behavior.  We  have pulled foods when those are the only symtoms.  With that said, I have spoke to other mom's who describe similar situations to what you are going through.  Sounds like a good idea to pull the dairy.. especially with the vomiting.

My son has similar meltdowns when he is reacting to food. He is a complete mess and overreacts to everything (He is 17th months). I'm finally realizing that it's because he is in pain. One of our biggest indicators that a food trial is not going well is his constant night-waking. I'd pull the dairy out and try again in 6 months.

Hi my son is 3 and 8 months. When ever he has eaten a trigger he will vomit profusely become very sleepy and pale, sometimes he will faint. After all these initial reactions have settled he will become very agitated, won't sleep the night and cry for hours on end. We found out much latter on that the food triggers pain, strong pain. Perhaps your little one is experiencing done degree of pain. All you can really do is to avoid dairy completely. I only give my son the trigger foods when in hospital for a challenge under medical supervision, as everything that can be done to help give my son some relief is on hand, otherwise I avoid it. Hope that your little fighter is doing better & not having too hard a time. :-)

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