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My girl has short gut and FPIES

Hi everyone! I'm located in Sacramento CA and having ridiculous trouble finding diapers and wipes due to COVID 19 hoarding (I'm sure I'm not the only one dealing with this) for my 3yo daughter. I have read several times on a page that once they hit 3 years old (today 3/18 is her 3rd birthday!) insurance will pick up the tab for wipes, diapers and chuck pads. Her Dr is willing to prescribe but wants me to find out what supply company accepts Anthem, Blue cross Medi-cal (seeing a sutter dr) if anyone can provide me some information on this I would be most grateful. Or point me in the right direction.

If you know they also provide any other items that i could and would find useful please feel free to share that info as well! Thank you in advance! And may all your kiddos stay healthy!

Thank you so much. 


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