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So, I have a 4-year old son with a unique case of FPIES that crosses multiple food groups (reacts to 40+ foods with varying degrees of severity).  He currently has around a 14 food diet (which believe it or not is an improvement).  So, imagine my surprise when cheese actually passed food trial.  There is no mistake- it have been a few months now.

So, now what?  Does this mean he can pass food trial on other processed dairy foods?  What might be good ones to try?  When do I dare try cow's milk again?  Anyone been down this road?  

We haven't "outgrown" FPIES yet.  In the last six months, he has reacted to Miralax (severe reaction), green beans, organic applesauce, almond butter, and potato sticks (not the potato- unknown preservative). 



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No advice but solidarity. My 6 1/2 year old only has 16 safes and over 75+ triggers that we know of. My 3 1/2 year hasn’t had as many fails but only because we spared him that many trials and only has 13 safes. They are both IgE to dairy and soy and one egg while the other gluten.

i do recall trial recommendations about baked dairy and other more processed/broken down versions before milk.  Do you have a dietician? That may be of huge help to you IF they are knowledgeable about FPIES specifically.

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