Hello, I have a 10 month old exclusively breastfed who presented FPIES symptoms when I introduced solids around 6 months. She vomited 2 hours after eating (on different occasions) banana, avocado, bread with butter (from grass fed cows) (but seemed ok with bread without butter.  She did not react to apples, and chicken bone.  I never tried cereal other than bread.  I stopped giving her solids and am hoping to just breastfeed her until she is 1 year old.  I don't leave in the states.  Other than the FPieS episodes, my daughter is a healthy 23 pound baby.  So weight wise she is ok i think.  Hoping to connect with other moms who are delaying solids altogether while breastfeeding.  Would love to hear how it went when solids were re introduced.  Is there a reason why I should not delay?  Baby seems so happy on BM.

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Hi there,

i am so glad your baby is doing well with her weight gain, you are going strong with breastfeeding, and that you have figured out her triggers! 

Our allergist said that we could just breastfeed until 1 when our second had fpies and I was really worried about introducing new foods and another reaction. Our baby was really heavy and so weight gain was also not a concern. He said the benefits are that the gut is more developed (develops in about three month cycles is how he explained it) and less likely to react.

However, he did warn us that if we did that reintroducing solids could get tricky as baby may be more likely to resist new textures and tastes. I’m not sure if that is true since we basically gave our baby a break from solids from About 6-8 months but then restarted again around 9. We introduced foods that were unlikely FPIES triggers. He is now almost three and clear of his trigger (we think) and does fine with a variety of textures and tastes. 

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