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I am seeking some advice for having my Son diagnosed with FPIES from other Moms in Canada. 

To give some backstory,

My Son has currently had 2 reactions to Oat cereal. He had been eating oat cereal at 4 months of age for a week about 1 tbsp with lots of breast milk. I paused giving it to him because he was having stomach cramps so I wanted to rule out the oats as the cause. 2 weeks ago (4.5 months old) when I reintroduced it to him we landed in emerge with him listless and vomiting green turning green within 30 minutes, it had been 3 hours after the oats were given when symptoms appeared. The children's hospital was amazing and very attentive, although the allergy wasn't suspected to be the cause because he tested positive for three common viruses (Flu, Respiratory and GI). The pediatrician had said it was fine to give him the oats again. 

I waited until all the symptoms from the first episode had disappeared and tried the oats again (almost 5 months old). This time he was interested the first few mouthfuls but then started spitting it out, so I stopped right away. However just like the first time 2 hours later he was forcefully throwing up. This reaction wasn't as severe because he didn't eat as much. He had 4 hours of throwing up small amounts after the initial emptying of his stomach. He began nursing again and I was able to keep up him fluids on our own this time. 

So my question is, to the Mom's with kids who have FPIES does this sound like how your story began? How did you get a diagnosis? What are your recommendations when I talk to my family doctor on Thursday? What foods do you suggest trying next? He tried carrots, no reaction but he wasn't a fan of them.

With Many Thanks!!


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Thank you for your response. Thankfully my doctor is familiar with FPIES and has referred him to a pediatric allergist. Unfortunately we could be waiting a couple months for our appointment. So we are slowly trying foods, he has had carrots, and squash. Neither of which he likes but no reactions. We are now trying banana which he is more open to trying, so hears hoping! 

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