When our oldest was diagnosed with FPIES our doctor recommended Elecare for him and he had a ton of progress.  

Now our second son is 1 and vomiting from elecare like it's his job.  Did anyone else have better luck w/ any other elementals like Neocate or others?  Its hard enough with one kid with this but two?

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No advice on formulas my two FPIES kiddos were/are breast fed and number two has more triggers through my milk than number one. 

Solidarity!! The two bright sides I found are you already have doctors and the older one gets it and it becomes the family norm.

My son vomited Elecare Jr.  The doctors said it couldn't possibly fail- but it did!  I went back to breastfeeding for awhile.  He is now completely weened, and he is currently having very good success with Neocate Splash (needs to be 1 year or older to drink that version of Neocate).  We tried Neocate Jr., but he didn't like it- he tried all of the flavors.

Thank you both Murphy & Jess. 

Murphy-  I love the idea of solidarity and started thinking about it this way...  It's good that they both have it because if FPIES really is 1 in 10,000 than Marcus will never meet anyone w/ it and feel alone. But if Tommy has it too, than at least they will have each other?  Sort of backwards but w/o finding some sort of silver lining, I would go crazy.

Jess-  After 4 other formulas, it seems as though Thomas is doing okay w/ Neocate Jr.  Simultaneously Marcus is not wanting to drink his elecare but has ZERO interest in the taste of Neocate.  Going to have to trial some of the tastier options I guess.

Be well!


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