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Hi a couple questions..

Is there a way to access the food survey from this page? Or do you need to open the original welcome page every time you want to look at it? Is there a direct link to that first page?

How do I add a new passed food to the survey I take? I use my phone for internet so im not sure if it.looks different and im just confused

Mom to baby boy born 2-18-11

FPIES to Dairy, Soy? Safe Safe= Chicken, Avacado, Chicken, Blueberries, Coconut milk and alternatives

(Past Fpies to RICE, oats, milk and soy, peas, pears/prunes
Safe- Elecare, Elecare vanilla, Apples)

Original Post

Hi KevinsMommy


At the top of the welcome page there is a "resources" tab.  On the resources page scroll down, the food survey links are on there.  There's the raw data link in addition to the results link on the welcome page.  It's in spreadsheet format, so you can sort the data by your son's triggers to compare what kids with FPIES reactions to similar food have reacted to and passed.


To make the survey I used Google Docs (b/c it was free) and the choices were limited, so I have to manually update your child's info.  Just message me (on this formum just start a dialog (click on Dialogs up at the top) and let me know your location, your son's initials, and the changes you want me to make.


Just let me know if you have any other questions!



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