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Has anyone had any issues with sleep training their child with FPIES? My daughter is 10 months old with FPIES and still gets up to eat twice during the night. Our nutritionist told us she could make it through the night and was getting enough through the day, but the other night she screamed for 45 minutes until I finally made her a bottle that she drank and went right back to sleep. My gut tells me she doesn't get enough nutrition to make it through. Anyone else had this issue with sleeping?

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My almost 2-year-old son has FPIES, and sleep training went fairly easily for us.  So, I don't know if I'm a huge help.  If in the middle of the night, I would wait about an hour before getting up to nurse him- more often than not he would fall asleep before that time.   

I know a lot of non-FPIES babies that did not really sleep through the night until they were over one years old no matter what the parents tried or didn't try.  So, don't get too frustrated (easier said than done)!

My son would often get hungry and wake up early in the morning 4:00 amish.  The key to stopping this was a late night snack about 45 minutes before nursing and going to bed.  He now sleeps in.  


Hi. My son now 4 had Fpies. He was extremely difficult to sleep train. I ended up taking him to sleep school twice. He would be constantly waking through the night to burp and vomit. He would also eat through the night as he was hungry from vomiting or reducing his food intake throughout the day because he had a stomach ache. Something he still does but wakes around 4-5 o'clock for breakfast. 

My advise is go with your gut you know your baby. Also if you can get to a sleep school they will be able to help you learn your babys cues. If baby just wants attention, food or is sick. I was totally confused by 12 months what my baby wanted as my first reaction was he's sick. But he wasn't he had just developed bad habits. 


Wish you all the best its a hard road.


Our allergist told us to not sleep train if they were nursing at night (both were). He was adamant that with the extra food allergy layer he wanted to be sure they were getting adequate nutrition so their growth didn’t suffer. I don’t see any other posters mention that concern so maybe it is only one for my allergist. I worked so both my kids night nursed (I think as a way to connect with me and get some extra food). With that said we didn’t train at all and both started sleeping through the night on their own completely once we weaned off night feeds and had my husband offering water instead (by 18 months). 

I only say that so that even if you do not sleep train or it isn’t successful you know there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

We didn't sleep through the night until well after a year and many tears from sleep deprivation on our end as well. . . 

Every night up at least a few times for a half hour to a longer time or until I finally gave up all together.  She was clearly so very hungry but hurt so bad  wanting to eat but rejecting the bottle, vomiting, getting worked up into an all out infant fit.  She finally took to Almond milk, which fortunately wasn't a trigger, and we were able to slowly progress from there.   

My little boy now 11 months is a shocking sleeper . He can be up 12-18 times a night . I feed him to sleep again. My husband wants to try me out of the room and only going in a few times at night but I’m worried that he’s not getting enough milk during the day to only feed a few times at night . I guess we can try it and see if it works ?

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