FPIES, Breast feeding and introducing solids???

Hey all, 

Just after some advice/  helpful information that has worked for others as our LO has recently been diagnosed with FPIES (trigger is Dairy hopefully the only one).  

Since his diagnosis of FPIES and his reaction to formula and homemade Lasagna we are now avoiding dairy, is exclusively breastfed  and are currently introducing solids.

So far we have been successful with pear, apple, carrot, sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, porridge, blueberries, strawberries, mango, banana and avocado. We have just started to try more of the blends ie proteins and grains..  Is it better to introduce foods separately from now on? especially the common triggers?

He also appears to suffer from reflux although hasn't been diagnosed by a doctor. He will bring up his milk and solid feeds in his mouth before swallowing them again. The amount varies day to day, someday's it's more noticeable than others.  Is FPIES something that goes hand in hand with reflux or is it the milk in my diet causing the this due to FPIES?  The Doc said I can still have dairy in my diet as he doesn't appear to be reacting to the amount he is getting from the breast milk, however, has anyone cut dairy out completely  from their diet? And did anyone notice a change in their LO? Because if it makes a difference I'm willing to get rid off it if it means he will  be happier. 

Thank you for anyone who takes their time out to respond as this is all new to us.  : )

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Hi! My son is now 2.5, I breastfed him exclusively until he was 21 months, and I eliminated everything but 6 food items from my diet and that's when his reflux and constant watery pooping stopped. He was also taking nexium to help with reflux. 

I hope this helps and that he feels better soon!

My daughter was reacting to dairy through breast milk before she ever ingested it directly.  She had vomiting, diarrhea, & lots of crying due to pain.  She developed blood in her stools which is how it was diagnosed - a few weeks after she was born.  Yes, once I stopped dairy, she was so much better.  I also had to eliminate soy from my diet.  Please note that it can take about one month to get all of the dairy proteins out of your body so that they are not passing through breast milk.  I remember being frustrated & ready to give up the elimination diet - I am so glad I persisted.  Good luck with whatever you decide, but from my experience, it was SO worth the elimination.


I am actually very curious about the link between reflux and FPIES as well.  My son definitely has FPIES- classic severe vomiting (sometimes to the point of shock) for several foods.  BUT, we also have other reactions like stomach ripple, reflux, and adominal pain to other foods without him ever vomiting.

For us, the reflux is solid food-related.  (My little guy has never had a problem with my breastmilk- I can luckily eat whatever I want.)  Once I figure out the problem solid food and elminiate it- the reflux disappears.  It just happened to us with watermelon.

Sometimes the reflux is a warning symptom prior to a worse reaction.  In January, I tried baking blueberries in his plain muffins (homemade muffins= safe food for us).  The beginning symptoms in the first two days were reflux, but by the third day he was in extreme abdomimal pain 2 hours after ingestion.    

I've not found much research about the more minor symptoms of FPIES.


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