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When we first found out Matthew had FPIES we were frustrated trying to figure out what his next food trial would be.  We failed rice, then peas, and felt like we were in the dark playing russian roulette with our next choice.  I created this survey to give me a little more insight when choosing Matthew's next food trial, hopefully it can help you too.


It's not perfect, but it has the info from approximately 150 FPIES kids for 153 foods based on their parents' responses.  I use the raw data the most, sorting it by Matthew's triggers to see what kids with similar triggers reacted to the most.


If you haven't taken the survey you still can, and if you need to update your child's safe/trigger foods just private message me with their initials and the state you live in and I'll update the info.


Take the Survey


See the Response Graphs


Use the Raw Survey Data


View the Pass/Fail Pie Charts

***Note of Caution for the Pass/Fail Charts***

The choices "tried and unsure" and "never tried" are removed, so you get to see the chart of pass/fail rates for the kids that actually tried the food.  Two warnings, though...


1. The charts are accurate, but the percentage calculation is all messed up (I've tried a million ways, it's a bug in Google).  So this is great for a visual representation, but the percentages won't match up with the charts.

2. Though this does give a great representation of the pass/fail rate for each food, it is flawed.  
Take Matthew for example.  He reacted to peas, so his data will show up in the peas chart.  But b/c of his pea reaction we are avoiding all the pass/fail rates are a little flawed b/c the kids trying each food are the ones who probably haven't had a reaction to that food group yet.


Food Trials Listed by Success Rate


A fellow FPIES mom, Jamie V., came up with the great idea of analyzing the raw survey data to rank which foods have the greatest success rate when trialed.  She removed the choices "tried and unsure" and "never tried," then calculated the success rate of each food.  Then Jamie created a chart ranking the foods from the highest success rate to the lowest. 

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Thank you for posting this Amanda!!  I know so many families have benefited from the list of multiple foods TO trial!   The post that was started on babycenter (where I know you pulled some of this very useful information from) has been a hit for months as well.  


We've had interesting discussions in other forums about the relations of foods that are fails.   Anyone have any thoughts on this in your child?   Random relation or have you been able to connect the foods somehow? 

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