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Hi. My 17 month old baby was diagnosed with FPIES like her 3 year old brother.  As of recently she had 2 "safe foods".  A lot of other foods didn't make her vomit, but gave her reflux and a lot of crying. Since last week, she has had intense diarrhea. The babysitter said she might have eaten something off the floor. The pediatrician says she has a stomach virus. Could it be she is reacting to something small she ate off the floor? Or is she starting to react to one of the foods we thought were safe? or is it really a stomach virus? Today was day 7 of diarrhea, and one of her diapers had small streaks of blood in it. I plan to contact the pediatrician again tomorrow, but he is not familiar with FPIES (and we are in between GIs now - meeting a new one next month). Has anyone had an experience like this?  (Another change for her, is that she switched from Neocate to Neocate Jr a month ago)

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It isn't a stomach virus- don't buy that diagnosis.  The exact same thing has happened to my son throughout his life- he is currently 4.  Reflux (without vomitting) can be an FPIES reaction (I looked for patterns and tracked food), so can diarrhea without any other symptoms.   In fact, these signs can help you catch the food reaction and remove the food before it may progress to vomit/shock.  Many doctors do not realize the lesser symptoms of FPIES- they only understand the vomit/shock symptom. 

You'll need to start from scratch and do elimination diet.   It can take a long time and be a bit tricky to figure out- but if you don't it will just get worse . . .  It took us a month of diaherra to figure out coconut milk was a fail for us.  Just this fall we had a diaherra-only reaction to grapes, which thankfully I caught on the early side.

Yes, you can react to Neocate Jr. even if Neocate regular is safe food from the case studies I've read online.  If you think that is what is causing the reaction, you can go back to Neocate regular to stabalize the diet.  Neocate Splash would be another one to try if Neocate Jr. is a fail.  We were successful on Splash.  My son reacted to Elecare, but there are others that were successful with that formula.


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