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Hello! I am new to the FPIES world and could really use a bit (A LOT) of help determining what is causing my EBF 7-month-old son's distress. I apologize for the long story, but I have nowhere else to turn at this point. I get almost nothing done around the house on a daily basis. 


Background: Around 1-month-old, he started having loose, mucousy, slightly bloody stools, so naturally I contacted his doctor. Dairy was the go-to culprit and soy closely follows due to the similar protein link. All in all, he seemed to get a little better with episodes here and there (always tummy distressed, arching back, refusing to nurse, and mostly loose stools but much less mucous & no blood at this point). Our biggest issue was always him feeling distressed, which led to him not wanting to nurse (I literally had to rock him to sleep before almost every feeding so he'd KO and dream feed.)

Now fast-forward:  I consume no dairy or soy in my diet. I eat relatively the same things over and over for fear of dairy/soy slipping in processed food. Around 5/6 months or so, his poos started to solidify (what they truly should look like!) and he seemed a lot more content overall. We got the go-ahead to have him start solids and I thought sweet potato was a relatively safe food (I had no idea FPIES existed at this point.) Two days of testing that out 2x per day and he still had those regular, solid poos. So I thought, great! let's try rice cereal next as I had the notion that this is also a common, hypoallergenic low-risk first food...I rushed into having him try that, which you guessed it, he was upset the evening of the next day, followed by loose, green, mucousy stools again. I was so upset! I emailed his doctor and was astounded to have some clarity beyond just a soy & dairy "sensitivity". FPIES! Going forward, I did a bit of research, but clearly not enough which is why I am here today. Once his reaction cleared up, I had him try apples (all good), then bananas (all good--helpful to solidify his poos again), and then pears (all good).

This leaves us to this weekend, and he has not had any other foods by mouth since. We were in the process of moving, so I needed quick, easy meals for me to eat for dinner equating to this timeline:

Thursday PM: Popcorn made with canola oil + salt

Friday PM: Boiled chicken + salted & peppered roasted potatoes & veggies (green beans, carrots, zucchini, and cauliflower) made with olive oil

Saturday PM: Popcorn again

Sunday PM: Popcorn again

LOL don't judge, we were SO tired from all the moving!

My son was happy and undistressed all of Friday and Saturday, but Sunday AM hit and he has been arching his back, not letting us put him down, belching & sounds like he has reflux (rarely EVER spits up), "firecracker" flatulence all day, and he had a loose greenish-yellow stool in the evening. He is still acting like this all day today, sans any poos as of yet. 

So here is my biggest would seem like popcorn would be the culprit (we had a weekend around 5.5 months of two popcorn nights and he reacted badly the next week)...BUT my breakfast & lunch diet are the SAME every day:

Breakfast: oatmeal + oat milk, cocoa powder, brown sugar, peanut butter & an apple

Lunch: Sprouted wheat bread + pb, carrots, hummus, and CORN TORTILLA CHIPS!

I have literally been eating those same earlier day meals for months on end, and he had some really good poos whilst I ate that. Is it possible for him to be sensitive to popcorn and NOT corn tortilla chips? It makes no sense to me because it is whole kernel corn used in the chips. Or could that one meal with the green beans/chicken/potatoes have caused this Sun/Mon of tummy distressed? I eat chicken semi-regularly, potatoes, too. It just seems so delayed and I am SOOOOOOOOO lost in where to begin to help him not feel like this anymore. It also seems that the reaction is lasting long for one small occurrence if it was the chicken meal. 


Honestly, any advice is welcomed. I would love to hear anyone's and everyone's experience who would like to share! I just feel so defeated. Thank you in advance! <3


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Hi! My son is 10.5 months and we’re still trying to figure out his exact triggers. We know for sure soy is his main trigger, but he also can’t tolerate peas & green beans. So the green beans could’ve been the culprit. Also, chickens are usually fed a soy based feed so the chicken could’ve triggered it as well, depending on how sensitive he is to soy. Hope that helps at all! It is challenging for sure. My baby has improved a lot since we figured out soy and peas. He’s gained weight and at least most days are good, but we’re struggling to find other culprits as well as he still has intermittent green mucous stools with all the symptoms of discomfort you’re describing as well. 

Sometimes amount matters . . . , because you had popcorn many days in a row, he could have developed a sensitivity to it.  I remember drinking lime juice punch 4 days in a row, and my son had diarrhea.  He didn't have a reaction before when I only occasionally had a small amount here and there.  

When my son finally got to solid food, we had to keep a rotation going and be very careful.  If he ate too much of any one food or went too long without having it, he often would develop a reaction to it, and a "safe" food would turn into a fail.

My son reacted to drinking soy milk, but could tolerate traces of soy in food products.  My son can eat potatoes, but could not tolerate some potato products (preservatives most likely).  He also reacted to anything in a can, even if it was a safe food- packaging can matter too.   

Sometimes FPIES has absolutely no logic or sense to it.  And very individualistic- no one kiddo is the same.

There is hope at the end of the tunnel.  At two years old, my son had barely five safe foods.  Today, at nearly 5 years old, he is growing out of FPIES, and we are building towards a normal diet.  : )

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