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    "My 2 year old has fpies to rice and oats. It is not an official diagnosis since her pedi hadn't even heard of it until I brought some info to her but she has text book fpies reactions to rice and oats. We never sought an official diagnosis because it is easy enough to avoid those foods and have a balanced diet.

    I also have a 5 month old. I have read that generally siblings will also have fpies, but I'm wondering if it is to the same foods. We are skipping cereal this time since that's what the oldest was/is allergic to, but is it likely that the little one could react to those as well? So far we have fed her avocado and sweet potatoes with no reaction. 

    I just hate not knowing."

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I have 2 with completely different diets. one can eat only rice and the other only wheat. I have found most of it lies with the grains or roots. But my first diagnosed with rice, corn, oats, soy, apples, bananas, white potatoes, carrots, peaches. The other didn't have problems for years except with corn.


Its scary, but once you find a safe food try expanding to others similar like butternut squash to other squashes. It can help with a bit of variety. Same goes for other reactions. If your baby reacts to peaches, stay away from almonds too-gastro dr said there are certain similarities with groups of foods.  

it took a long time for me to try any of it. I wanted to be sure to find a company that didn't cross contaminate. I use Davinci pasta for testing wheat. She just eats it with land o lakes butter and salt. I trial it one tiny bite at a time over 6-8 weeks. That's what the gastro dr rec. and then I also found that not stopping an item is good too. I stopped peanut butter once and then she reacted to it. Not sure why but haven't been brave enough to try it again. 

Sorry, the diet for one of mine is fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, cherries, pears, oranges; veggies like sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, butternut squash, zucchini, yellow squash, acorn squash, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes; and some meats like oscar meyer bacon, certain brands of ham, chicken without added solutions, beef. We only use Promise land milk, salted sweet cream land o lakes butter, cheeses, minute made OJ with calcium and D, Poly vi sol vitamins. want any more suggestions? just let me know. What foods do you use?

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