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My son is 9 months old. He will not let anybody hold him other than myself and my husband. He cries when someone such as a grandparent tries to hold him. I was wondering if this related to fpies because he is uncomfortable all the time or is this not related at all? Thank you
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If I am correct, I'd say your little guy is making strange...which is a normal part of baby development and has nothing to do with FPIES.  My oldest made strange very badly, just as you're describing, around that age.  Grandparents couldn't hold him, and strangers couldn't even look at him, without him crying.  It slowly improved as he got older, and by the time he was two and a half, he was a big show off and made friends with everyone.  My youngest, who does have FPIES, is a very different story.  He has shy moments here and there, but has never really made strange like that.  It's easy to wonder if every little thing is related to FPIES, but I think this is one that you can chalk up to normal baby behaviour. Good luck!

My older, non-FPIES child was like that. He is still more anxious than average at 14, but reading books about anxiety with him when he was younger have really helped, and we still talk about things like that. I've had him in counseling for short periods of time, too.


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