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Just saw this:

They are apparently recruiting patients right now, and the contact info is posted if you follow the link. Mt. Sinai is an amazing hospital for FPIES kiddos-- tons of research comes out of there on FPIES. There have been several  recent articles from Dr. Nowak in particular, but as you all know, Dr. Sicherer is there as well and he is a huge name in the FPIES medical community. 

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This is exciting stuff!  So glad to see the visuals of other food allergy clinics doing the active research studies right now.  I know, from moms on babycenter too, that they just are finishing up one on Atopy Patch Testing so will be anxious to read their results from that.  

One of the last paper that Dr.Nowak-Wegryzn put out about the current understanding of immune mechanisms of FPIES (linked in our Medical Literature) spells out what all they need to do in upcoming research.  To me, it spells out what Jaffe is already planning on doing- and it is EXCITING!! 


MOST exciting to me is that they are FINALLY investigating more into the CHRONIC FPIES  (vs. classic)....this is where we were lost for so many months with chronic FPIES reactions.  


So beneficial to see multidimensional studies done from Food Allergy clinics across the country (well, globe)!

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