Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree???

Hello everybody.  I have noticed that certain environmental factors increase the frequency or severity of fpies reactions. Notably in the winter time if my boys get a cold their fpies reactions increase.

I know that both my mother and I are allergic to pine trees. However for me all it is is a little rash when I touch the pine needles that goes away within a day or so. I am wondering if we should get a fake Christmas tree this year to prevent worsening any winter reactions.  I know this sounds like a crazy thought or thing to consider, but I often think all things w/ FPIES are crazy so I'm putting it out there.  Neither kiddo has been diagnosed w/ a pine tree allergy as neither have been tested for this yet.  I guess I am just curious if anyone else out there had this thought.

In other news, we picked up our Teal Pumpkins for Halloween... just dont know if we are going to roll the dice and trick or treat or just pretend w/ a few key neighbors.

p.s.  Boston Childrens diagnosed our youngest w/ FPIES last week... so we officially have 2 kiddos w/ it.

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Hi there,

I don’t have scientifically or anecdotally  informed thoughts on the pine tree. But... My gut is if you think it could make things worse, why not just go artificial and save yourselves the worry/stress. 

I mostly replied to offer my empathy on your second child’s diagnosis. We have two kiddos who had fpies to the same triggers and our allergist was convinced it wouldn’t be the case. He said it’s so rare it is unlikely two kids in the same family would have it let alone to the same triggers. Lo and behold, they did. Which just reminds me how much medical professionals are still learning about FPIES. 

I will say with the second diagnosis I was less painicked about feeding my baby and it made feeding our family easy because we just all cut the triggers completely. They have since both outgrown them.

Currently, we are waiting to introduce solids to our third baby (now 4 months) but will definitely follow the food introductions that were successful for our first two since that was successful for our second. I’ve also avoided the trigger foods while nursing in the hopes that somehow that lack of exposure will give her gut more time to develop and not react. 

Good luck!

My kids (two with severe FPIES) trick or treat and then we swap or switch their candies out for a small gift. The only challenge is if we are around kids allowed to open candy while trick or treating - that was an issue at trunk or treat. We trick or treat with friends that know our challenges and respect the no treats until home rule. It’s not been an issue. My oldest is 5 and has only 14 safes.

Halloween:  We "plant" safe treats with the neighbors we know- quinoa cheerios and pure, homemade maple syrup candy.  Then, we go Trick or Treating. : )   We visit other houses too- my 3-year-old son just enjoys going trick or treating.  We then give the candy away or my husband eats it.     No matter how you work it out- I think it is important to do everything you can to create a "normal" childhood and not let the diagnosis stop you (but keeping everything safe of course).

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