Other signs of FPIES reaction?

Hi, I have an 8 month old who can tolerate breast milk and formula thank goodness, but so far nothing else. He normally has the terrible vomitting/unresponsiveness reaction after 3 to 6 times trying a food.

Right now we are trialing pears and I've noticed with this and past trials (before he fails) it seems he gets very sleepy after eating food. He will eat then sleep for a few hours no matter the time of day which is unusual for him.

My question is whether there is such thing as a mild FPIES sign like being tired? If we could pinpoint something like being tired early on before the horrible big reaction maybe we could stop the trial to prevent it?

Oh, and thanks for all the great work on this site. As you know doctors with any knowledge of FPIES are rare so its nearly impossible to get any useful help.
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I believe it is possible.  My second son, who gets chronic-type reactions,  can either go sleepy or sleepless when he reacts.  There are also other "lesser" signs he gets, like fontanel sinking, circles under his eyes, a red painful butt-rash, etc...  As an infant, he would also get fussy while eating, acting really thirsty, repeatedly unlatching and fussing at the breast, drooly and mouthy.  Above all, trust your instincts.  Kids reactions can manifest in different ways, and no one knows your kid better than you.  If you think there is a correlation, there probably is!  Best of luck to you!

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