Hello everyone, on the advice of one of you I am thinking about exclusive breastfeeding of a son for a year or maybe longer, now my son is 8 months old. We currently have about 20 safe products. What are your experiences? does stopinng solids and feeding only milk from the breast healed your children or helped with fpies?

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Is he at baseline with the 20 safe products? If he is at baseline there is no reason to cut them, baseline is baseline and baseline is healing. But if he isn’t at baseline than something he is eating or you are eating isn’t safe. Both my FPIES boys were exclusively breastfed to 17 months except for trials. My oldest had a lot of trials while my youngest had only a few plus accidental ingestion.

thanks Murphy for the answer, I'm a bit lost, because here on the forum I read different stories and I just do not know what to do. we have about 20 safe products and are still slowly trying. mainly fruit and vegetables. I am afraid, however, that maybe these products harm him and I do not notice it - sometimes he has hiccups, worse sleep but I do not know if it is the normal behavior of the infant, or maybe something harms him - I get into paranoia a bit.

so far I have discovered reactions to egg and salmon, so my son usually eat vegetables, fruits as well as rice, corn and millet crunch. I did not notice any reaction through my breast milk despite consuming his triggers. Maybe I should give up eating eggs and salmon for his sake?
How are your sons today? did they defeat their triggers?



I just wonder if I should go back to breastfeeding alone, or stick with those 20 safe products and breastfeed, and try to put aside new food until my son is 1 or 1.5 years old. another option is to breastfeed and try new fruits and vegetables and gluten-free cereals.

Are you waiting long enough to make sure new things are really safe? Acute reactions become easy to spot once you know what you are looking for but mild ones (which will get worse over time) are much harder. Does yours get the FPIES ring around the anus? That’s easy to spot. Sometimes my oldest would be hiccupy and sleep terribly arching in pain and then we’d finally see the ring! Sometimes you have to reach that threshold. That’s why you start with a little the first couple days but then give them greater quantities. Take ideas from what you read but remember that it’s all anecdotal that there is no protocol for the right way to do this! 

My sons are 5 1/2 and 2 1/2 and have 13 safes (my little has oral motor issues with some of the safes though). My oldest has over 70 fails. No signs of growing out of this yet!

Thank you for the quick reply. My son, on both salmon and egg, reacts on the 4th try, which is why our testing scheme includes 7 days of eating, 3 days off and again 5 days of trying. I have the impression that with us the amount of food does not matter. The first reaction appeared after eating the whole egg - at that time I did not know that it was the fpies - the son was vomiting terribly. after 3 weeks he ate only a teaspoon of the egg and after 2 hours the reaction was even worse than the first one. I know that there are different cases on the forum and each child is different, and I hope that we will not find a trigger that requires a longer test. What is the FPIES ring around the anus? I tried to find pictures on the internet but there are different pictures. I do not know what to look for. my son had hiccups from birth so I did not even think that it could be related to fpies. As for sleep problems, it looks like the son does not want to go to sleep at the usual time, but he does not cry but wants to play. I'm sorry that your sons have not yet grown up with fpies

The ring known in medical circles as the FPIES ring is literally just a bright red ring right around the anus. Some think initially that it’s itritation from booty drama but it is not. Most kids get it with reaction. Hiccups are tricky to figure out because they can be perfectly normal. For us I think they were FPIES all along for my oldest but just a super mild reaction to something in my milk in our case eggs. Because when I eliminated egg completely (for a while I did it just baked in things) they went away. Bad advice from a doctor in that case. So personally I would and have tried eliminating anything in my diet my boys reacted to in order to monitor their reaction. If no change than I restarted it and monitored again. It takes forever to carefully trial but it’s woth the time.

thank you for the information.
Our previous reactions are only vomiting, can the ring appear without diarrhea? my son has a slightly red area of anus, but not in the shape of a ring. and the color is rather dark red, even slightly brown, but it seemed to me a normal color for this area?

I only eat eggs once a week, besides I keep a diary with my and my son's food and record everything that seems suspicious to me. although many of these things can be distorted because the son is teething.

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