My son is 8 months old - today was the 3rd day he has been sent home from daycare due to projectile vomiting, lethargy, and acting/appearing very weak. He was sent home on 2/8, 2/15, and today. On those days he was given his breast milk bottles along with apples/cereal (for breakfast) and green beans/cereal (for lunch). Within 1-1.5 hours of eating lunch the symptoms started. After we get him home, he usually sleeps for several hours then wakes up normal and his happy self.

After researching on my own (because our Ped has been useless) I found FPIES. I really believe this is the culprit; but what do we do now? Eliminate green beans from his diet and cautiously watch for other foods that present the same symptoms? Should we try to fight to get an official diagnosis? Any advice would be great. Thank you!

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Sounds exactly like FPIES. I would definitely avoid the green beans. Does he seem to tolerate cereal? We were really amazed at how even in a city with a nationally renowned hospital and medical school it was still really difficult to get solid information on FPIES from people other than our allergist. Our pediatrician had to look it up and completely had us use our allergist for feeding guidance for both children.

Good luck! 


I would make sure that you isolate each food without jumping to conclusions.  My son had a major FPIES reaction to rice cereal and a minor FPIES reaction to apples (among a whole lot of other foods-multiple food faliure), but not green beans (wierd I know).  He also can eat baby oatmeal cereal- phew!

I got very lucky that my daycare provider gave my baby JUST rice cereal one day (2 hours before the reaction), so I was able to tell.  Then, I accidentally gave him Puffs a month or so later (oops- made of rice!).   

My son actually ate sweet potatoes, squash, and rice cereal for almost an entire month before having a reaction to each of those.  So, there can be quite a time delay- although that long is quite unusual.

I would also be very careful about watching your baby "sleep it off" to make sure he is just sleeping and not passed out- I was unaware of shock symptoms and probably should have taken him to the hospital on more than one occasion.  This was prior to his diagnosis.

Once you learn the problem foods FPIES can be quite manageable.


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