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I finally got Carter to drink some unflavored Elecare last night. He usually drinks the Vanilla, but we have been out for almost 2 weeks. He probaly only had a couple ounces of the formula, I made it in a smoothie for him.


Exactly 3 hours later, he woke up screaming in pain. He had pooped in his sleep, which hasn't happened in ages! That was at 10:30. He spent the next 5 hours crying out in pain that his tummy hurt. He was clammy and had cold sweats. We finally got him to sleep in our bed at 3:30.


So, is it possible that he reacts to the unflavored Elecare? I know he has low level reactions to the Vanilla Elecare due to the soy content. Could his body now have a stronger reaction to the formula because he's been off of it for 2 weeks? We saw this with the Vital Jr he was on previously. We took it away, and when we gave it back 3 weeks later, he had a reaction within the hour.


I am lost and tired and confused. Any thoughts/ideas are greatly appreciated.

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 I know that taking a break from a food can intensify the reaction - I know I've seen it in more than one place, but this is the first one I found that references a break: 

"The disease presents in two phases: the initial presentation is that of a chronic disease while the antigen is being ingested. This can be followed by an acute phase if the antigen is removed from the diet and subsequently re-ingested, with symptoms occurring about two hours after ingestion. In a young child, the differential diagnosis of this acute phase includes sepsis, metabolic disorders, surgical abdominal emergencies, and anaphylaxis."

So sorry Carter is hurting, hope you figure it out soon

So sorry for you and for Carter. Nika seemed to have a very similar to Neocate last spring. Our GI dr gave us Neocate, Elecare, And Elecare vanilla to trial. I mixed 20% formula with 80% breast milk on a number of occasions, a few days or weeks apart, while I was working part-time last spring. It was a struggle to get her to drink the bottles and she seemed to react to all of them by waking in the middle of the night in pain, unable to sleep, and having difficult middle of the night poops. Neonate seemed to be the worst reaction, but she ingested a full 2oz. Of that formula, whereas I don't think she even finished the other bottles. I was just getting the courage up to try them again since she just turned a year and I am afraid she needs more calories. Good luck and keep us posted!
I understand what you guys are going trough, my daughter wasn't able to tolerate any formula, we even had to take her off the breast, at that time we didn't know what was wrong with her, just the fact that she was in pain and had blood in her poop, so the GI doc pit her on something diferent, when she was 10 months I tried to give her Elecare and she vomited all the bottle so we kept giving her what my GI told me about something that is not formula but it has all the nutrients and vitamins I just have to add the fat with dome oil,is called TOLEREX, and that's the only thing she was able to tolerate, and it doesn't givr her any problem, she seems yo like it but I guess is because she doesn't know any difference, my pediatrician didn't know about it she said she never heard of it, but thank God that my baby GI though about that
RadN4, did the new Elecare contain dha/ara, that the original one did not? I read about it last spring and saw that the neonate had dha added in and thought that may have been the problem. I just ordered Elecare for infants to try again and it looks like they just started adding it in there, too. Just a thought...

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