Has anyone else out there experienced a problem where their kiddo can eat rice and rice cakes but not rice pasta?  The manufacturers to say that the rice pasta there's not contain any other ingredients and is not made in a facility where there are allergens but lately we've noticed more vomiting after our son eats rice pasta.

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Hi Mark,

Hope your kiddo is doing better this spring!  Mine is- I find winter is rough for kiddos with FPIES, since viruses really mess with already sensitive digestive systems.

We can't do rice in any form, but we have those type of food oddities all the time.

1. Gerber apple/blueberry mix is a safe, but organic applesauce, apples, and blueberries all failed. 

2. Ground lamb is a safe, but lamb chop failed.

3. Before we lost beef entirely- Beef had to be baked or grilled at a very high temperature to be safe.

4. Russett Potatoes homemade are safe, but CheeCha Puffs (potato puffs) and all bagged, frozen potato products are a fail

5. Before we lost watermelon entirely, the watermelon was safe, but the watermelon seeds were a fail

It sounds kind of crazy . . . but when you see the same symptoms over and over and over again- you know it is true.


After a ridiculous amount of time, I have found that the different packaging can also be "coated" with materials one may be sensitive to.  There are so many rules and work around to listing requirements by the FDA, it's impossible to fully believe any ingredient list . . 

I know it sounds off the wall crazy but I researched bottled water and the various "processes" they go through.  I found that Acqua Panna is one of the very few purest, no chemical filtration =no residual chemical for sensitive stomachs.  Yes, I have boiled pasta in it and my little one ate it fine, loved it, no reaction.  I have been able to positively identify a sensitivity to products which are bleached or chlorinated.  I hope this helps.

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