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My almost 4 year old had classic FPIES to rice and oats. Luckily he just passed Oats in  hospital this past month and we will be trialing rice shortly. I also have a 9 month old who recently reacted to Barley - she was fine on it for 6 weeks, i happened to remove it for 3 weeks and then when I reintroduced it she had a classic vomiting reaction 2 hours later. So far she has been fine on a ton of fruits and vegetables as well as peas, chicken, soft cheese and yogurt.  I can't get into our allergist for another 2  months and was hoping to find some direction/help from other parents on which foods to avoid until our appointment. Here are my questions:

1. For those of you who have a child with a Barley trigger, which other foods do they also react to? 

2. Do children with barley reactions tend to react to all other grains (i.e., rice, oats, wheat etc)?

3. I'm wondering if I should delay all grains until after she is 1 year old - does the research support delayed introduction of grains for high risk kids?

I can't seem to find any literature on this. Thanks in advance!!!

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I see how old this is, so I was wondering what the result was.  Our 1yr old is exhibiting all the same symptoms his older brother (3 yr old) has except we cant even seem to get the younger off breast milk and onto an elemental formula as mom is losing her supply.



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i just noticed this post in my junk box and can see you just sent it so great timing We tried all other grains with my daughter and she never reacted. We have avoided rice because of older brother so still don’t know about that one. She had an accidental exposure to barley this past year and seemed to grow out of it, no symptoms at all. My only advice is to trial foods slowly and keep it a daily exposure for a while (both of my kids reacted when there was a break in exposure, I’ve heard of many other similar scenarios). I breastfed both kids up to two years each with the hopes of giving extra nutrients to help with their digestion/immunity. If your wife can continue great and if not don’t stress too much. Have you tied regular milk- if 1 yr should be fine? Good luck!


I am new to FPIES. My baby is 7.5 months old and we had an appointment with the Pediatric Gastroenterologist last week.  He said that my child's symptoms do sound like FPIES. He, however, did not give us any specific instructions, and told us to keep trying new foods. When I probed him further, he asked me to try a new food for 3 days, give a break for 2-3 days and reintroduce it and give it to him for another 3 days. If he passes this test, the food is safe. After reading your post, I am wondering if the skip period of 3 days is too less. Did you ever take a break from barley in those 6 weeks?

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