My baby boy has just turned 1 and has suffered with severe eczema most of his life. It's a daily battle fighting the constant flare ups and fighting the itch. My boy discovers new ways to scratch every day, from edges of the tables and chairs - concrete outside and even the corner protectors we have around the house!! When he isn't scratching he is a Bonnie little boy with a smile that just melts your heart.

We have tried so many creams - here are a list of one's that haven't worked for us E45 itch relief, Cetraben, Epaderm, Zero cream, Dermol was the worst cream we have ever put on his skin- the itch was so bad we had to wash it off him immediately!! Epaderm was our favourite for a while but we have noticed he is less itchy on Aveeno. We are also trying Purelotions oil from H&B. 

Gabriel was quickly diagnosed with multiple food allergies - Milk, Soya, Eggs, Nuts, possible Wheat. We have discovered that Orange is another one. We are currently trying him on Cod - but with constant teething and viruses affecting his skin also- we just don't know whether we are coming or going. 

Night times are so bad we have to have Gabe in bed with us, we hold his arms all night because he constantly wants to scratch his face, lately night times have been worse than ever - waking up every 10 mins to scratch. We are lucky to get 1 hr sleep sometimes. Bath times are the same, he just scratches - scratchsleeves have saved my boys skin, I dont know what I would do without them.

So food...what do we give him - potato, veg, chicken are our safe foods.  Everything else is unknown until his skin calms again. 

If you have a list of safe foods that have worked for you I would love it if you could share them x thankyou 



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Have you tried changing the bath soap and / or laundry soap and / or cleaning supplies?  We had ridiculous eczema flare ups with food and then after tinkering with how personal and household cleaning was, I've gotten everything else under control (seemingly) unless we are out and use the bathroom or play on toys that most likely were cleaned with whatever.  The only bath products that don't seem to cause problems for us is the Aveeno baby and H2O at Home.  Unfortunately, it seems as though some of us are stricken with food and environmental issues.

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