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We have two children who had FPIES reactions to the same food (oats). We really restricted the diet of our second the brace/screen for FPIES so I think he could have reacted to lots more but we didn’t introduce as much. We are now expecting our third baby in May and I’m worried about starting this food journey all over again.

Do other families with multiple children have FPIES with each child? were their triggers the same? 

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I have three and only one is FPIES stricken.  When you say "Oats" do you mean straight Oats or pre-concocted oatmeal products?  I use to firmly believe mine had a milk / lactose intolerance and have inevitably , after rediculous home testing, found that the real culprit with "milk" is either the additives or packaging.  I also ran into a reaction with something containing none of her know triggers and was only left to wonder if it was the package coating or "mixed tocopherols".  I thought she had wheat as a trigger and found that she is completely fine with unadultered, unbleached, no additive flour from Europe.   To many that may seem like no big deal but to us it's a breakthrough when you don't have to find a substitute for a major household staple.

Hi there!

Thanks for your response! Ours both reacted to baby oatmeal after multiple exposures when mixed with breast milk. We cut them completely from my diet (breastfeeding) and noticed a huge different in their overall gas/discomfort and stooling. Our eldest outgrew it by 20 months (accidents exposure - a yogurt product we had aways purchased added oat cereal to it, didn’t change the label much (a tiny picture of a few oats in the corner) and I didn’t notice until she had eaten all of it.

We are fairly certain it was oats since the reactions happened with baby oatmeal and when I cut all oat products their digestion improved. But with fPIES it can be so hard to tell - especially with how our food is made and how much is cross contaminated and how fields are rotated etc.


we are keeping our fingers crossed that this one is FPIES free. Good luck with your little one! It is SO hard and I agree - when something is a staple in your home (oats were for us!) it is so difficult to have to limit your family diet OR worry constantly about someone accidentally dropping some or sharing etc. sounds like you are very diligent with Home testing! I may be back here to ask more about that!! 

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