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Does anyone ever get frustrated by how much time it takes to make all the special things for our littles? I have recently found several products in our area, Kitchener ON Canada and am so thankful for some time saved. There is a store called Chelsea Market in Belmont village that will take product suggestions and order that particular product/brand in. Wonderful. They recently pulled in some paleo product that is safe for Charlotte from Marci's Bakery out of Hamilton. Marci's makes a few safes for Charlotte and their buns work for anything bread that you need. I would really like to try making my own bread soon but not sure where to start really. Charlotte cannot have egg, soy, milk, nuts, wheat, barley, oats, rice (quinoa is ok) and is sensitive to corn and a handful of other things. If anyone has a recipe for a simple (decent) bread using quinoa flour or tuber flours please let me know. Thank you!

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Here are a couple of recipes to try plus a couple of recipes if you can find a couple of substitutes (for egg, milk).  For egg substitute try (for each egg):  1/4 C applesauce or 1/4 C mashed banana or 1/4 C silken tofu.  Try substituting arrowroot flour for rice flour.

My grandson (age 6.5 years) has FPIES (wheat, oat, flax, salmon).  If you would like, you can email me as I have spent a lot of time searching for recipes he can tolerate. (I live a half hour south of San Francisco).

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