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Hello Everyone,

My wife Julia had heard on a Facebook group that kiddos w/ FPIES can be more sensitive to chlorine.  We had never really experienced this, so we had been trying to get Marcus & Thomas into the pool as much as possible because it is a food free place to play.

That said, on Monday the pool at our local YMCA had chlorine levels that were abnormally high.  Marcus' eyes stung significantly more than normal, and then he had diarrhea w/ blood in the stool the majority of the week.  He was nauseous but did not vomit.  However the weirdest symptom was clear, frothy discharge that was uncontrollably leaking from his anus over the last 3 days.

So my questions are has anyone here had similar issues at all w/ chlorine?  Has anyone seen clear frothy discharge come out of their kiddo's bum?


Mark & Julia


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My oldest has had that symptom, the frothy he only got when he drank pool water...he never did that again! My youngest has never had a significant issue with chlorine but as the second FPIES kid we already had protocols in place for them. They can swim in a chlorine pool but must shower immeadiately afterward, when they don’t there is an issue.

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