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I am hoping for a little more insight into a possible upcoming food approx 8 months old, our son was diagnosed with FPIES, egg being his only trigger food. We have easily removed egg from his diet and he's been happy and thriving. The last exposure was 02/2016, we were at a friend's house and a plate of brownies was put in front of him and he naturally took one like every other kiddo at the table. A bite or two occurred before I lunged across the room. As you know, two hours later he was vomiting and then a day or two of loose stools. Well, our allergist isn't well-versed on FPIES and (somewhat arbitrarily it seems) gave us the magic age of three as to when he would outgrow this. 

So here we are, a month away from 3. Depending on the day, I go back and forth. To trial or not? The allergist has told me to give him a teaspoon of scrambled egg and build from there each day. I would appreciate any knowledge you have to bestow on me. Should we wait? Should we go for it? Is there a magic age that kids seem to grow out of what is admittedly a very mild case (in the sense that we have one trigger) of FPIES. Thank you in advance. 

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Most well versed FPIES doctors recommend you wait 18 months to 2 years after your last reaction to retrial a trigger. I would wait at least that longer maybe longer if the reaction was bad. If the hypothesis that reactions are Tcell mediated is correct you have to give the body enough time to regenerate new Tcells over and over each time forgetting to react a little more until they forget entirely. This is my simplistic way of explaining a complex body system.

Wow- thanks everyone for the useful information both here and on facebook.  My 2-year-old son with FPIES (multiple-food failure) has never had eggs, and I was wondering how to go about trialing it.  Baked goods sound like a good first bet.

My allergist has urged me to do retrials even though my "mommy gut" was saying no.  (I did one retrial after 1 year and the food failed again.)  Thanks for the information about waiting until age 3 with a good 18 mos.-2 years after the last reaction.  Good advice!

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