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I have a 7.5 month old baby, who most likely has FPIES.  At 6 months, he had reacted with bouts of vomiting 3-4 hours after ingesting bananas, avocados, pears(raw). However, this was all seen on the 2nd or 3rd day of ingesting the same food or after a skip period of 1-2 days.

We got him looked at by a pediatric gastroenterologist, and he does think that my child has FPIES. He asked us to get a ton of tests done, the results of some of which are yet to come. These are not tests for FPIES, but tests to make sure everything else w.r.t. his stools/blood is ok. My son has been ok with oatmeal so far, and we introduced carrots couple weeks ago. He seemed a little uncomfortable  during the first 2 days but was fine with it 3rd day onwards. I had a skip period of 2-3 days for carrots. I have now started pumpkin for him, and he seems ok. It has just been 3 days though.


My question is - could I look for some warning signs before the big reaction? I have read that kids have a lot of hiccups, wet burps, spit ups etc. in the days leading to the day of the big reaction. Also, the doctor asked me to give him a new food for 3 days, take a break for 2-3 days, and reintroduce the food for another 3 days. If he passes this test, the food is safe. Do you agree with these periods? Are they too short?

Appreciate any help I could get on these topics. This group has been a savior. Thanks much!

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Good luck to you as you navigate this journey.  I can only offer advice based on our situation:

1. We relied mostly on breastmilk at 7.5 months.  He usually does badly with most raw food, so we rely on baby food, cereal (oats for awhile until it failed after a year, then quinoa), organic processed food, and boiled/baked food.  Yes, he still eats some baby food at 3 years old.  Oh well . . .

2. You could just put move the food on the "watch" list after your doctor's recommended time period.  I do that for any food until he has had it for a month.  I advocate going very slow and allowing recovery time after a fail.  (My son actually can fail a food at anytime particularly after a virus messes with his system or he took too long of a break from it or if it is a different brand/cooked diffferently, but he's a bit unique).   

3. Sometimes there is no warning (sorry!).  Now that my son is older I get more warning signs on a potential food fail prior to the vomit stage: reflux, hiccups, sleep apnea (breathing interrrupted in sleep- looks like a stomach ripple), uncontrollable screaming with abdominal pain, and refusal to eat.  I can also tell from changes in the stool- diaherra- I've seen black and tarry.  I've also seen yellow, popcorn-looking loose stool.

My son has always been a healthy weight, learned how to eat, and is generally happy and enjoying life.  So, even with these challenges, these kiddos can thrive!  Sometimes I wish it wasn't SO much work for the parents though . . .  

Thanks so much Jess for your prompt responses as always. It is really scary that kids can fail a food even after a year. I guess  I should not get happy that my baby can tolerate oats. It's a relief to see that they can still be a healthy weight in spite of all these restrictions, and can thrive. 

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