What ingredients have hidden rice in them?

My son was recently diagnosed with FPIES, I am trying to educate myself as much as possible on everything.  He has had reactions to everything he has eaten so far which is Rice, Oats, and Peas.  We are trailing a fruit this week and dairy in a few weeks.  


I have read that many foods have rice fillers in them, but I am unsure as to what names this hidden rice is under.  If you have any expertise in reading labels, I would be interested to know what words to look out for.  Thanks!

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I would avoid the introduction of dairy for now. Our little girl was diagnosed with FPIES at 5 and a half months. She currently eats fruit, certain veg, venison, lamb and quinoa. She's over 9 months old now and haven't had another reaction.
Rather start with sweet potato, butternut, etc. Avoid peas and beans as it is also known for causing reactions. Good luck x

We haven't had any issues with "hidden" rice, but we stay away from all breakfast cereals, granola bars, and everything in the 'baby food' aisle. We also triple check all "puffy" foods like veggie straws, puff-corn etc... We have also found that some restaurant breading on foods like mozzarella sticks and chicken can contain rice, so always ask your server to check!

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